I wanna rock, be the girl who's on your block, and be a star and sing a song, that makes you wave your hands up high, and put your fingers to the sky. I wanna rock it all night long. I gotta jam and sing into the mic.
Do you dream too about the things I like?
We should never hide
this beauty we have deep inside.
Aren't you glad for what makes you...

Join in on the fun....

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  • Learning how to play my guitar and making up my own songs
  • Singing my favorite songs loud and proud
  • Dancing around with my friends
  • Raspberry filled doughnuts


Her favorite hair style is:

Crimped, with a pink streak!

My Salon Doll Blog:

Christmas is coming! 2015

Nov 20, 2015

Dolls are in stock today, but they’re going fast. ¬†Individual dolls sell out every Christmas season, so get yours now!