We get our doll hair from all over the world.
We are not taking away from the wig industry or cancer victims. There are different categories for human hair. There is very precise requirements for human hair to be made into wigs. We could not have access to this type of hair nor would we want to take this special hair away from the wig industry.
The dolls’ eyelashes are quite fragile. You can get them wet, but we recommend that you be very
careful and treat your doll’s eyes like you would your own.
The great thing about human hair is that it is made of mostly protein so you can revitalize the hair using good protein conditioners for structural damage, like split ends, or a good moisturizer if the hair feels dry. The nice thing about the hair being on a doll is that you can put the moisturizing conditioner on her hair and leave it in all night long. When you rinse it the next morning it feels amazing. We have also kept the long ends at the ends of the hair so that after a year or so you could get the dolls hair trimmed and still have plenty of hair to play with.  We are in the process of patenting the product and the way we attach the hair inside the doll’s head.
No special brush is required on the dolls. Remember gently brush out the snarls there is no need to tug hard. Treat your dolls hair as gentle as you like your hair brushed.
We have a doll hospital that can fix anything that may go wrong with your doll. See our doll hospitals and price list for getting your doll fixed. Also know that if there is any kind of manufacturers defect we will fix the doll for you free of charge, you will only have to pay for shipping the doll to us and we will ship it back to you. We pride ourselves on making a quality doll that will last for many years. Please note that due to the nature of the hair if there is damaged caused to the hair this is not covered as a manufacturer defect and will not be fixed free, but we can supply you with an additional head please see the hospital page for details. Manufacturer defect guarantee is good for the first year after purchase.

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Christmas is coming! 2015

Nov 20, 2015

Dolls are in stock today, but they’re going fast.  Individual dolls sell out every Christmas season, so get yours now!