Meet Sydni

I'm a cowgirl with chickens and a dog and a goat,
My horse is my best friend.
You can find me ridin' on my hometown farm
With my hair blowin' in the wind.
See this beauty deep within me,
Well, you've got that beauty too.
Being true to you makes you so cool.
Aren't ya glad for what makes you you?

Join in on the fun....

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Sydni Loves

  • All animals (especially Lucky, my horse)
  • Playing night games with friends
  • Fresh picked raspberries
    from our garden
  • Horseback riding
    up the canyon


Her favorite hair style is:

Two half braids with curls at the ends

My Salon Doll Blog:

Christmas is coming! 2015

Nov 20, 2015

Dolls are in stock today, but they’re going fast. ¬†Individual dolls sell out every Christmas season, so get yours now!